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​​​​960 AD After ice, comes blood…
While in exile in Erinland, 21-year-old Kregin joins Einar’s ship the Hrafentyr as one of his brother’s harrier crew. Einar’s lucrative trafficking in slaves is sponsored by Amlav, King of Linn-dubh, to whom he and other merchants have pledged war service in a spring campaign against the troublesome Erse clan of Osri. During a routine round-up of slaves, while Einar is away on King’s business, Kregin is shocked by the brutal torture inflicted by slave-master Drafdrit and his henchman Brennan on a captive Erse chieftain and his small daughter. Kregin intervenes to save the child. His actions result in the death of one of his shipmates on the Hrafentyr, and when Einar hears of the incident, he takes the word of Drafdrit and others against Kregin. He disowns his brother and hands him over to the slave-master.

Faced with a brutal future, can Kregin escape the clutches of the slaver? What of the little girl, M’lym, whom he saved? And when battle looms, whose side will Kregin take? As the winds of war swirl, an epic battle takes place, one that will pit brother against brother, destroy the peaceful lives of the monks at Kildobhan, and change everyone’s life forever.

FORGED IN ICE is published by Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher.

​​NEW Forged in Blood – ​​Book 2 of the Trilogy – ​​Viking Odyssey

World English Language rights: published by Endeavour Press, June 2017​​​