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FROM GOODREADS REVIEW: 'Fantastic adventure story.'

"I thoroughly enjoyed this historical novel set in Viking times. It's a real pacey adventure story with plenty of action to keep the reader interested right to the end. Also enjoyed the accuracy of historical detail, obviously very well researched - a good way to get to learn about Viking lives whilst reading a gripp​ing novel! However there are a lot of different characters so I struggled to remember all their names at times - could just be me?! It would be helpful to have a 'dramatis personae' or sort of wider family tree at the start. All in all, a fantastic read. I'll definitely read the rest of the trilogy when published - recommended!"

FROM AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEW: 'A human story of pace and drama in an unforgiving Nordic landscape.'

"A who's who would have been extremely helpful as I struggled to connect with the characters early on - as there were so many of them, and they were so finely drawn. Once I got my bearings, though, I really enjoyed this book and how meticulously researched it obviously is. It is fast paced, yes, but it has depth and dimension and there are plenty of pauses for reflection before the drama builds again. I found the landscape beautifully observed, the elements too, and I feel I learned a lot about Viking culture and understood the context of the violence where that occurred. It is a human story at the core, with many strands and I'm looking forward to seeing how it unfolds in the next book of the trilogy."

FROM AMAZON CUSTOMER REVIEW: 'A really enjoyable historical novel relating to the Viking period.'

"It's a fast moving novel full of great historical detail and insight into the Viking culture, their traditions and daily lives. I would agree with a previous reviewer that a family tree would be a really useful reference tool as there as so many characters in the book along with their wider families. I'm looking forward to continuing the adventure when the other books in the trilogy are published!"