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This website is for those who share the joy of reading historical fiction – across the wide spectrum of the literary genre  - but particularly adventure stories, like my own, set in the Viking Age. 

There is an opportunity to contact me and a spot for your comments, where a rotating selection of readers’ opinions are posted and, occasionally, the author's response. 

I have put in a bit about myself, and a section for news, future books, anticipated publishing dates, and events of interest.


Der Verrat des Wikingers  the German language translation of Forged in Ice  published December 2016 in both Paperback and Digital formats by Piper Verlag (Munich). ​


Forged in Ice ​– Book 1 of the Trilogy – ​Viking Odyssey  published by Endeavour Press November 2016

Forged in Blood Book 2 of the Trilogy ​Viking Odyssey  published by Endeavour Press June 2017

(Available as eBooks on Kindle and in Paperback from and

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