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There is an old Irish saying: “An té a bhíónn siúlach, bíonn scéalach.” — “The one who travels has stories to tell.” And yet, the stories I remember most are closer to home, the ones I heard as a child — recounted by old folks with wrinkled faces — while we sat after dark beside a good fire in the hearth.


I heard many a tale at the knee of my granny Ceannéidigh, whose modest cottage boasted no bathroom, but had a privy at the bottom of the garden. One night, having heard a particularly hair-raising tale, I was too scared to venture outside to relieve myself — Ma Ceannéidigh had to lead me by the hand. She had sensed the awe and excitement aroused by her tales in the mind of a six-year old child.

​​​​To those long winter nights by the fire - and to the dark tales, which the old folks told - I trace the roots of my storytelling . . . .​

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I was born in Ireland of Irish parents and educated at Trinity College, Dublin. Our family has Scottish origins two centuries back. From the remote past - according to unverified ancestral lore -  we lay claim to an Orcadian and Scandinavian heritage. After graduation, in pursuit of a business career, I have spent my entire adult life away from native soil, including a spell of ten years resident in the Middle East.